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The Hypocricy of The Den

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1 The Hypocricy of The Den on Sun Mar 28, 2010 11:40 am


For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Lions Den, here is the link -

This is a discussion board centered around a large group of Lions fans. However, in the event that you would like to join the board and add to the discussions, I suggest that you post a large number of articles from various news outlets covering the NFL without further comment (copy and paste) or simply post in agreement with the overwhelmingly large majority on the site until you reach a very large post count, say for instance in the neighborhood of 10,000. It would probably take you 3 or 4 years to do so, but by that time, it should be safe for you to express a real opinion, even if it runs counter to that of the majority.

Of course, you will get attacked for doing so, but the chances of getting banned will be smaller than if you were a member with 400-500 posts. And there are several individuals there that will attack you viciously with seeming impunity. I suggest you avoid confrontation with them all together. Let's take a moment to analyze a sample of what I am talking about:

In a forum post titled - Orakpo on Okung - a long standing forum member (ie.- an untouchable) penned the following comments -

"I just don't understand how people that want Suh/McCoy constantly try to make it seem like Okung isn't right up there with them, talent wise. I want Okung but I'm not gonna badmouth Suh or McCoy. THAT'S the the thing that bugs me about those that are convinced that there's only one or two players that are even in consideration for #2.

It's your OPINION people, others are allowed theirs.

Saying stuff like "It'd be stupid to pass on Suh for Okung." is the same thing as saying anyone that wants Okung is stupid. Or saying a guy is worth pick #4 or #5 but not worth #2, like there's some enormous gap between the level of player you'd be getting."


What was the motive behind the accusations of this individual? Here are the comments from the 5 members who posted before Wildcat67

-Redskins DE Brian Orakpo, who faced Oklahoma State LT Russell Okung on a consistent basis in college, says Okung will be "a hell of a player."
"He's a guy that's got great feet," Orakpo noted. "Very strong, very athletic for a tackle. I know what type of player he is, and he brings a lot to the table as far as stopping those big-play pass rushers. I'd love to see him here (in Washington). We need a blocker. We need some blockers. We'll see."

-I would love to have Okung on this team. He would fix so many problems with pass protection and actually be not only an improvement but a mainstay at LT for many years.

-Backs up what a lot of people have said about how well Okung handled Orakpo in Orakpos last year in NCAA. I still think Okung makes the most sense at #2 when all things are considered($, positional importance, and talent) but in here I still ahve to put my disclaimer that Id be happy with Suh too...

-Maybe we do take suh even though i prefer okung ill be ok with that i like suh to .But it wont change the fact i think okung is gonna be a really good nfl player .

-The thing is there are three positions which are the hardest to find franchise players that is QB, LT, and DE. Well the Lions have the QB and with Okung I believe they would also have their franchise LT. That would just leave the DE and though I'm a big fan of Avril I don't consider him a franchise DE though luckily next year seems to have quite a few DE prospects that could be 1st rounders. Some will say CB is just as hard to find and again CB seems to be a position where one player, Patrick Petersen, could be a franchise CB.

Now...where exactly do these prior comments make the statement that people who want to select Okung in the draft are stupid? The fact is...nowhere! This leads us conclude one of two things -

EITHER - the poster is so closed-minded about his own opinions that the mere hint of criticize leads to defensive attacks (in this case, the OP provides an ENDORSEMENT for the player in question - Wildcat67 seems to take offense to this because it appears to question the value in drafting Okung at the #2 position in the draft).

OR - the poster hasn't even taken the time to read (and comprehend) the discussion and is simply penning inflammatory remarks in an attempt to bait people into an argument.

Personally, I believe it is the 2nd. You can find this individual posting inflammatory remarks all over the forum, arguing points that don't even exist. For example -

What if the draft shook out like this?
Big Suh falls to the lions at #2.

Terrance Cody just so happens to be on the board when we pick again at 34. Do you draft him? Why or why not? I believe this is a very likely senerio. - gdetg

No. Because it would be incredibly stupid. He's a boom or bust player and is really only fit for 3-4 NT. Plus, we argueably don't even need 1 DT so we really don't need 2. - Wildcat67


AND, I might point out, it isn't even necessary to IMPLY that Wildcat67 is calling someone stupid - he simply comes right out and says to the OP that drafting along the lines of the aforementioned scenario would be "INCREDIBLY STUPID".

The kicker behind all this? At least one poster was banned from the forum from pointing out Wildcat's violation of the forum code of conduct. Simply amazing...

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