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1 Forum Purpose on Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:30 pm

The purpose of this forum is to provide Detroit Lions fans everywhere with an alternative outlet for the expression of their opinions. Many of you may be aware of popular forums like the Lions Den, where the expression of opinions that run counter to majority is usually dealt with through that popular Fascist technique of censorship or outright banishment from the forum.

Actually, many of these 'majority' members earned their place of high esteem through the practice of copying and pasting articles from the various internet news sources. Thus, they aren't really contributing to the discussion in any tangible manner. However, their high posts counts (and cool avatars and half naked women) gives them an air of authority, which is typically exasperated by moderators who allow them to attack others who offer dissenting opinion without consequence.

What ever the case may be, it has become clear to me that the forums should exist for the benefit of everyone, not merely the privileged few, who so carefully craft their reputation based on high post counts.

So here it is - the Joe Mama's Commando Forum - Detroit Lions

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